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Cooking at Mamma's Tuscan Table

Get up to your elbows in natural ingredients in Mamma Adina's home while making ciaccia (Tuscan focaccia), hand-rolled Tuscan strand pasta, sizzling bruschetta and Mamma's secret tomato sauce. As participants focus on their masterpiece, the host family pours their homemade wine and ensures all is drizzled with enough of their extra virgin Tuscan olive oil.
Tuscany - Sarteano
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Ticket Information

Ticket Price $85.00
Max participants: 12
Duration: 10 am to 3 pm (5 hours)
Day of the week: Takes place Tuesdays from April 25 to October 24
Alternate dates may be arranged for groups of 8 or more. Please call.


  • Meet Daniela at a café in Sarteano's main square and follow her in your car to the family's olive oil producing Tuscan farm, 500 yards away.
  • Mamma Adina welcomes you into her taverna — a traditional Tuscan cottage complete with a bread oven and fireplace designed for cooking, serving and enjoying large family dinners.
  • Participants learn how to make dough for ciaccia (Tuscan focaccia) and how to bake using a wood-fired bread oven. This hearty bread is served with salami and prosciutto.
  • Next, roll out fresh Tuscan pici pasta by hand. Prepare and jar Mamma's aqiglione tomato sauce. Grill bruschetta using Mamma's own extra virgin olive oil.
  • Join Mamma and Daniela at the table to enjoy the classic Tuscan meal your class has created and finish off the afternoon with a velvety tiramisu dessert.
  • Take home a complimentary jar of sauce and if you wish, purchase some of Mamma's own extra virgin olive oil.
  • PS. We designed this Actividayz after tasting Mamma's ciaccia. When asked if she would be interested in doing a class? Her answer: "Yes. Southern Tuscany clings dearly to its ancient traditions, and in my own tiny way, I'd love for visitors to get to know us first hand." Mamma Adina's daughter, Daniela is also the proud owner of Villa Tramonto, one of Parker Villa's premier homes. Have fun!

This tour requires a minimum class size of 6 participants.